OMEGA INTERNATIONAL is committed to meet and exceed customer requirements and satisfaction through continual improvement in its services and quality management system which we will outline more specifically:


OMEGA INTERNATIONAL is pro-active towards quality and customer service, as we aspire to be ranked as the "best" in our business. Quality is not just another goal; it is our basic strategy to sustenance and future growth. Omega International perpetually aims to do more for its customers with its obsession for quality control and value addition through our expertise in handling recyclable products and raw materials.


Our customers demand and warrant high level of service. It is our responsibility to deliver this service. If we are not able to, they will find someone who can. If customer requirements are unclear, then it is our job to seek out a better understanding of their requirements and specifications. If we fail at any time we must find out what went wrong and assure that it will not happen again.


Our quality objective is to provide a high quality service, being on time, and at the best possible price. The attainment of such objectives has its goal that leads to: customer satisfaction, enhanced performance at the application level and ongoing improvements in process efficiency. Once an objective is achieved, it should be recognized and reset to stimulate further quality improvement. To reach our objectives, we maintain a constant focus on quality with full dedication, commitment, and teamwork.


Our vision is Total Quality Management; fully satisfying our customer's requirements through a process of continuous improvement. It is critical to understand that Total Quality Management is a continual process. It is a long term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way we deliver, manage our business process, provide a safe work environment, and select and retain suppliers. It is our goal to equip our company for market/product expansion, thereby creating new job avenues and challenges for all.


Adhering to Quality standards, it is Omega's policy to give priority to quality in comparison to cost or time. All employees are empowered to question their supervisor's decisions or actions if they feel that quality is being compromised.