Plastic Division

OMEGA INTERNATIONAL is committed to meet and exceed customer requirements and satisfaction through continual improvement in its services and quality management system which we will outline more specifically:

OMEGA INTERNATIONAL'S foundation started with trading of recyclable Plastics scrap. Since beginning we are following our unique concept of "70% Inspection". we specialized in the Recycling and International trade with the support of regular leading suppliers and buyer in all types of high quality plastics in scrap, prime, powders, re-granules off grade, grind, resin, offcuts, grind, pellets, agglomerate, purge, film, bottles, rolls, bales, and mixed colour, from (post) industrial and consumer waste for worldwide customers. We believe in value addition. We created our brand name by standardizing the non-standard plastics scrap. Our large network of clients facilitates the distribution of products in all segments of the market, from large multinational wholesale areas, to the smallest sales.

Our client portfolio is constantly expanding, due to prices that make OMEGA very competitive in Plastic sectors of worldwide market. We manage virtually all postindustrial and post consumed plastics recyclable materials.

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LDPE Film 100, 99/1, 98/2,95/5,90/10,80/20,70/30,50/50, Off grade, Floor sweep, Reprocessed, LDPE film rolls, LDPE cable lumps, agricultural film, LLDPE stretch film etc.

PP injection, extrusion, blow grade, PP film natural, BOPP film -PP net agriculture ,big bags / jumbo bags, PP injection, strips, pp battery case re-granulate, PP purge natural color.

PET bottles flakes ( washed and unwashed, white, , blue, green or mixed), strips PET bottle lumps, pop, PET preform regrind, production natural lumps / rock, Pet film flakes bales, PET off-grade re-pro pellets and re-granulate. PET bottles clear, blue, green bales, PET bottles, ( blue/green)PET + PE bottles

HDPE crates re-grinded, injection grade, HDPE can re-grinded, HDPE bottles mixed color , Hdpe + Pet bottles mixed ( 70/30 quality), HDPE milk bottles, HDPE and HMHDPE drum grinded unwashed, HDPE pipe re-grinded, HDPE net natural.

PVC rigid S-PVC window profiles, grind and pellets, PVC pipe scrap-rigid, semi-rigid / rigid PVC film, soft PVC grinded, PVC cable grinded.

PS coffee cup, plant pot, tray, PS purge natural color, Gpps scrap floor sweep injection, cd boxes grinded, ops film natural rolls ABS reprocessed pellets, grinded, powder, natural, telephone cases, PC/ABS, ABS+PMMA sheets, ABS+PVC grinded.

ABS reprocessed pellets, Grinded, Powder, Natural, PMMA, ABS+PMMA sheets, ABS+PVC grinded.

LLDPE/ Lumps/Roto Moulding (Road barriers)/Sandwich/Reprocessed.

PC Water Bottle regrind/Lumps/Reprocessed