OMEGA INTERNATIONAL F.Z.C. is a scrap plastic trading company located in UAE. Our primary focus is trading Plastic, Rubber, and Paper.

Omega International F.Z.C. has been successfully managed by Mr. Lalit Pareek who invested their expertise and knowledge, and dedicated their time and efforts to offer top notch services to customers worldwide, hence satisfying all needs and requirements.

Omega International family has gradually grown to comprise over 15 highly qualified employees offering several years of relevant experience and deep technical and administrative knowledge making the best use out of the advanced knowledge.

Our facilities are located in Ajman, UAE. We deal in various type of plastics in all grades like Granules, off grade, LDPE Film, Agriculture Film, PET scrap, HDPE bottle, Pellets, Crates, PP bags, PS cups, Trey etc. In rubber we deals in Butyl inner tubes and crumb rubber etc. catering to the international markets. Omega International provides a full range of comprehensive scrap management solutions and services to all types of industrial accounts throughout the world.

We at Omega International are committed to provide the best services and strive to ensure our customer receive nothing less than what we commit to deliver. Our customers relay on us for reliable, end-to-end scrap management solutions and competitive prices in the market.